Easy? Yeah, Right!

Pattern companies mean well with their labels.

"learn to sew"



but they assume you know things!

In this class, you will learn the information you need to create your sewing projects successfully.

Let's Create Together

My name is Beth

Creativity is the essence of who I am. Since I was a child I wanted to be “an artist.” That has taken many forms over the years... especially sewing. My love of creating flourished in college theater and has since grown into teaching all ages and skill levels. It is my joy to see students come to class worried and insecure but leave confident and excited about sewing.

​My years of experience (and, I am told, a
very patient personality) move me to the next phase of my creative journey: Artisan Sewing & Fashion Academy. Now both here online, and in person in Maryland it is a place to pass on my passion and to let students learn at their own pace.

How to Know if This Class is Right for You

Step one in the instructions says "staystitch" --what does that mean?

Can I skip that step?

The back of the envelope looks like another language...I am overwhelmed!

Why don't the garments fit me? I followed the directions--sort of!

What do all of those diagrams and lines mean?

What IS this chart?!

Learn how to read
and use this information

I am NOT a size *@!

Vanity sizing is real.
Let's make something
 that fits and label it whatever size you want to!

What size is

in the envelope?

The outside of the envelope varies with the fine print.

You Got This!

With these 10 things, you will be on your way to a happy sewing project.

Let me simplify the information for you.
In just 1 hour, you will gain insight into that mysterious pattern language.
There are no supplies needed.
(You may have already jumped in with a pattern and have questions. Use it along with this class for immediate application.)

It's Time to Create!

Dream it. Create it.

It all starts with a little understanding of some basics.

Add in some practice.

(And maybe other courses offered here at Artisan)

You can make whatever you can dream!